Istidraj - Muerte Mundi Militia

Istidraj is a four piece band made up of, A. Inferno - Vocals. Petyr696 - Drums. Zc:4 - Strings, Sfx Maestro. Music style is listed as, Black Metal. Band location, Singapore.

Muerte Mundi Militia album released on Iron, blood and death Corporation Records, October 10 2015. Limited to 250 cassettes. This band has been around since 1993. Creating a raw and relentless style of black metal thought the decade and with this release show no signs of slowing down. A gritty productions lends itself to more character and punishing ride to the ears. Offering their fans ten compositions to make the fires of hell rise as high as the sky. Blackened screams, dirty and crunchy guitar expressions and wicked blast beats. Among my favorites would have to be the song "Triumphant Ends", it is a cryptic composition with occult like melodies that is sure to please the minions of the underground. "Thy Destroyer of Life", is another song worth mentioning. If I were to note some influences, I would say Black Witchery, Thy Antichrist, Demonic Christ and Hades Archer can be noted as an influence.

Final thoughts, the band continues to deliver pure and intense black metal from every direction, blasphemous and relentless fury can be experienced in each composition. Fans of raw underground material will be interested in adding this to their collection. 



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