Human Decay - Cleptocrazia

Human Decay is a four piece band made up of, Francesco Belloni - Guitar/Voice. Jean Edifizi - Guitar. Michele Giromini - Bass. Mattia Mornelli - Drums. Music style is listed as, Thrash/Death Metal. Band location, Lunigiana - Massa Carrara.

Cleptocrazia album released on Sliptrick Records 2015. Exploring the fringes of frantic sounds and razor sharp metal. The album offers us a wave of old school death metal with twist and turns to keep the listemer guessing as to what comes next. Like a mad scientist cooking up unseen monsters to haunt our dreams. Some of the things that captured my interest were the guitar solos. You can hear one or two in almost every song. The solos add an extra flare to the compositions. The entire album comes across powerful and potent. With elements that are rooted in early thrash metal genre. Some of my favorite tracks from this release would be, "Brucia" and "Sperma Benedetto". The two happen have the most resonance and engaging riffs. The bonus song is an interesting one and sounds like a hard rock track and its much different than the rest of the album, it is worth checking out.

Final thoughts, the album is strong, with wacky samples and superior solos. If you enjoy thrash/death metal with an edge, this is worth checking out. 



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