FT-17 - Marcellin sen va-t-en guerre

FT-17 is a six piece band made up of,  Hrotulf: guitars. Janus: Drums. Misein: Prime Vocals. Khorto: piano. Zymurgh: bass. Soazig Couëdel: back vocals. Music style is listed as, Extreme Melodic Metal. Band location, Nantes/Bordeaux/Lyon.

Marcellin sen va-t-en guerre album self released on January 29th 2016. My initial thoughts are, heavy and deep. Momentum builds up into a sonic wave of atmosphere and melodies. The first two tracks are spoken words. They are in French. On the promo sent, this is the description to the content of the album "August 3rd 1914: Europe sets itself on fire. In France, hundreds of thousands conscripts are mobilized to fight against Germany. Among them, Marcellin Trouvé a young school teacher who is mobilized in the 57th infantry regiment during WWI. The hero of this story decides to tell his story in his diary." 

In terms of production, a solid performance is captured. Catchy chorus lines, heavy and clear distortion sound. Powerful drums with devastating blast beats. The keyboards play a key role in the majority of this album. Very prominent in the song "Contre-attaque sur la Marne", and it also happens to be one of my favorites from this release . Some bands that can be noted as influence to these hymns would be, Dissection, Children of Bodom, Opeth, and Nightwish. 

Final thoughts, war themes and melodic passages provide a perfect landscape with memorable solos and cryptic stories of atrocities



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