Mangled - Involuntary Organ Donor

Mangled is a five piece band made up of, Ryan Ritchie- Vocals. Matt Moyer - Bass & Vocals. Rafay Nabeel- Guitar. John Manger- Guitar. Joe Sweat- Drums. Music style is listed as, Death Metal/Thrash Metal/Grind. Band location, Atlanta, GA

Involuntary Organ Donor EP to be released on Boris Records March 1st 2016. This will be a 7” limited to 300 black vinyl. Three songs. Bloody and bone crushing metal. From the deep depths comes sonic madness delivered in a destructive manner. Some of the influence that I may note would be bands like Six Feet Under, Mortician and The Kill. Pure death metal battery to the ears. Side one, "They’re Not Gonna Stay Down There Anymore", haunting footsteps and door creeks into open chords of madness. My head starts moving and you know its going to be a hell of a ride. Crushing drums with demonic vocals. "Involuntary Organ Donor", reminded me of Obituary or Grave, aggressive, like a towering inferno. Side b, "Butchery Loves Company", bring on the body bags, things are getting messy around here. Nice song title. Like the buzz saw of a mad butcher, this song completes our journey and leaves us wanting more. 

Final thoughts, a short but devastating release. If you love gore filled lyrics, distortion that rips your face apart, then look no further, this is the band for you. 



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