Temple of Evil - The 7th Awakening

Temple of Evil is a four piece band made up of, Arkhon Sakrificer - Unholy Chants and 4-String Conjuration. Nekrocurse - 6-String Thorned Whip and Skeletal Keys. Apethantos - 6-String Morbid Echoes of Necromancy. Angelwhore - Leather of Putrefied Skin. Music style is listed as, Black Metal. Band location, Cyprus

The 7th Awakening album released on Deathhammer Records 7 January 2016. A very potent album unleashing malevolent and melodic music. Manic chants in the darkness is the vision that comes to my mind. Cryptic and oppressing compositions. The band offers us eight tracks of menacing and chaotic hymns to permeate all the deep crevices of the mind. Among my favorites from this album would have to be "One Last Breathless Sig", its is a short bass driven song with a simple, yet very effective arrangement. "Chalice of Impure Blood", sets an atmosphere of haunting malice. Like taking a journey into uncharted and desolate land. Its a powerful and captivating track. If I were to name some influences, Ancient, Beherit, Celtic Frost and Dark Funeral would be several that come to mind. 

Final thoughts, The 7th Awakening devastates with sonic totality. Melodies that invoke nightmares in the deep abyss.




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