Evil Whiplash - Beyond Dimensions

Evil Whiplash is a five piece band made up of, JULIAN RUIZ - Drums & Backing Vocals. JHON TALAGA - Bass. EVIL DOZER - Guitar & Voices. JHONATAN CORREDOR - Guitar
Music style is listed as, Thrashing Heavy Metal. Band location, Colombia.

Beyond Dimensions album released on Iron, Blood & Death Corporation, October 31 2015. Pure and completely bare bone production. High screams and fast solos like the early days days of the thrash metal genre. Think of bands like Violence, Destruction, Dark Angel and Exodus. The production is limited but it adds to the characteristic of the early thrash metal sound they are invoking. One of the things that stands out the most to me is the guitar solos. Strong and well arranged, although dated compared to what the new generation is doing, for the sake of the era they invoke, it fits perfectly and governs above the musical scope of this album. Among my favorite songs would be, "I Still Remember", "In The Name of The Ancient Empire", and Possessed which comes in with a particular catchy acoustic guitar that captivates the thoughts.

Final conclusion, fans of the old thrash metal underground era of the early 80's take note. These musicians are raising the old relics in exact form and are not to be missed. 



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